All right, it’s obviously a symptom of being an idiot, but . . . I can’t remember the ride:

Finished Cycle: Jul 9, 2012 6:11:51 PM
Route: Daily Ride
Google Maps URL:
Ride Time: 3:14:53
Distance: 42.41 miles
Average: 13.06 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.49 mph
Ascent: 1120 feet
Descent: 1145 feet
Calories: 3337

Yeah, I remember some bits and pieces of it.  It was only 4 days ago, for crying out loud.  But it must have been one boring ass ride because nothing about it stands out in my mind.  How do you ride for over 3 hours and never have one “hey, look at that!” moment?

The 9th was significant only because it was the last day I was 53.  I turned 54 on Tuesday, July 10.  Shit, does this mean that turning 54 made me senile?  Guess it was bound to happen at some point.