I own a massage therapy business.  In The Bag Massage.  We tried an experiment for about six months where we put a massage therapist in a chiropractor’s office.  We split the profits.  It was a win for both of us as the chiro didn’t have to hire / schedule a therapist.  We had no overhead.  Plus, we had no labor costs if appointments didn’t book as our therapists are paid on commission and only if they actually work.

The chiro had some funny ideas about schedules, though.  He didn’t want anyone in his office if he wasn’t there.  While I understand the concern, it limited the hours we could provide a therapist.  Our assurance that we’d make him whole if ever there was a need fell on deaf ears.  After about six months with way-less-than-optimal-hours the therapists became frustrated that they couldn’t get booked.  They weren’t making any money.  The chiro wasn’t.  We weren’t.  Why bother?

We parted amicably.  My biz partner went over and gathered all of our stuff.

Or, so she thought.  She missed a couple of things.  First and foremost was a little netbook computer.

Yesterday I went to fetch it.

I was surprised how close the place was.  Had you asked, I would have told you it’s a good 20 miles from my house.  Oddly enough, it was about half that.  A little over 11 miles.  Then again, I wouldn’t have taken the same route by car as I did by bicycle to get there.  By bike I could make almost a bee-line for the place. 

Once I got there I realized that the day was still early.  Why not trek on a little bit more.  Since the weekend had been so hosed.

I was wearing new bicycle shorts.  $175 for three pair of the things.  Yikes.  But, the old pants I had lasted nearly 5 years, so, they’re good investments for keeping your bum abrasion free!

New pants.  New tires.  New gear sprocket.  Unlistened to podcasts.   I’m in the middle of a Stephen King audiobook:

And there’s always music to listen to.  Yes indeed.  Why not let’s boldly go?  

Speaking of music, I’ve got another song to add to my “Never Get Tired Of Listening To It” Playlist:

A quick little 20+ mile ride evolved into a 60+ mile ride.  Amazingly the wind cooperated.  It did its ever changing direction crap that it always does, but somehow it worked in my favor.  I can’t remember more than a few miles that I was headed straight into it.

Along US 40 I came across one of my favorite “hole in the wall” diners, Henry’s. The last time I was there I stopped and got their blue plate special.  On that particular day it was tuna casserole.  Man, was that good.  I craved tuna casserole for a month after that.  Even tried to make it, but I sucked like an Electrolux at recreating it.

But I blew Henry’s off because I knew if I rode far enough, I’d go by Der Dutchman, also one of my favorite places to eat.

Should have stuck with Henry’s.

DD was fine.  But the buffet was . . . well, limited.  Everything they had on it was good.  Not a bad thing in the bunch.  It just didn’t hit the spot.  And $14 for lunch ($12 for the buffet, $2 for the drink) was too damned expensive.  Throw in another $3 for a tip and that’s the better part of a Jackson for a “eh, it was all right, nothing to write home about” lunch.  Should have gone back to Dan’s for an $8 omelet.

Finished Cycle: Jul 25, 2012 4:35:55 PM

Google Maps URL: http://maps.google.com/?q=http://share.abvio.com/fc28/825e/4e37/b4c1/Cyclemeter-Cycle-20120725-1035.kml
Ride Time: 4:40:17
Distance: 63.45 miles
Average: 13.58 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.86 mph
Ascent: 1615 feet
Descent: 1623 feet
Calories: 4964