Started early. Like about 6:30 early.

My eyesight must be good as I can see this ball of fire 93 million miles away

As I’ve mentioned many times, I really enjoy riding in the early morning. The air is cool, still, and fresh. The sun hasn’t warmed up the atmosphere so the wind isn’t in your face. There are few people stirring about. The ones that are — the bread delivery guy, the lady sweeping the convenience store parking lot — are going about their burdens quietly and efficiently.

Big Long Dude


My first destination is Richmond, Indiana. Last summer I made a ride from Columbus to Richmond right across US 40. It’s about 55 to 60 miles to Richmond from Centerville. I figure on taking my time and just enjoying the ride. My plan is to work my way to US 35 and follow that bad boy right to Richmond. (You can click the link from the menu to the right if you’re interested in that journey.)

This is tentatively a “test run” to learn things about the bike and myself for my “retirement” two years from now. It’s not an exact test as this is going to be a “credit card tour.” Meaning, I’m not worried about bring all the same gear that I would then. No sleeping bag, no tent. No cooking gear. I’ll be sleeping in hotel rooms, eating in restaurants.

But the whole time will be spent thinking about the financial aspect of, imaginging really never coming back (I’ll literally be homeless), transporting Dexter the Chihuahua with me, and whether or not I’m physically able to pull this off.

Plus, this trip really is to take my mom with me. Mama never traveled much once she started raising kids. There wasn’t time or money for that. When all four kids were grown, she and my dad divorced, and my mom had a lot of aimless years. She spent her last years with my sister in Bowling Green, KY, wheelchair bound, tied to an oxygen bottle. Last summer I picked her up from Bowling Green and took her back to what I consider home: Millington, Tennessee. From there we went to where she considered home: Bastrop, Louisiana. It was a 1500 mile trip. It was hard on her, but I think she thoroughly enjoyed it.

She passed away with January of this year. She was cremated and her ashes were split between myself, my brother, and my two sisters. Each of us were to take a portion of her ashes to her favorite places, like her favorite fishing hole in Millington. For example, on her birthday in April, I took her to New Orleans. We’d leave some of her ashes in each place we took her. That way, she was definitely there.

As I stop to take pictures on this trip, I’ll most likely leave a little of her in each location. I hope she enjoys the trip.