Jim Croce sang the south side of Chicago is the baddest part of town. I don’t about baddest but any Third World refugee, if given a choice, would say, “Hmm. South Chicago or Shitholastan? I’m sticking with ‘Stan.”

The picture above is, of course, the Chicago skyline and isn’t the South Side. (It is the south profile of Chicago, I’ll grant you that.) More pictures of Shitholeastan’s trashier American cousin later.

“Wait a minute! I’ve been robbed!” those 3 of you who are reading are screaming at your computer. “What happened to Day 2? Day 3? The rest of Day 1? The details of Day 4?”

It’s taking me longer to write about this trip than it did to ride it. I’ll take some time over the next few days to do the trip justice with my usual snark and sarcasm.

I wanted to post this to tell those 3 of you who’re reading know I did make it. Got here yesterday about 4:30PM (Eastern time.)

Was treated to a meal to die for upon my arrival. It would have been scrumptous even without 4 days of fast food, Gatorade, and vending machine fare to compare it to. Might have been the best dinner I ever had.

I’m going to take off here after posting this to tackle the 18 mile Lakefront Path around Lake Michigan. It’s going to be the easiest 18 miles I’ve done in a week.

Oh yeah: Happy Birthday, Spud. I’ll give you a call later!