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No Cell Phone Coverage!

I’m looking over the 3G coverage for AT&T for my expected route.  It appears that once I leave a little town called Amity (do they have a shark problem...
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Look Ma — No Net!

I’ve had a couple of people ask:  Are you doing this in a group? Well, there’s going to the voices in my head.  They’re coming along for a ride....
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All packed

And hopefully ready to go. I decided to double check both tents I purchased.  Good thing I did.  The less expensive (and much tinier) one was extremely flimsy.  I...
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Already learning things

My speedy roadster / hot rod bicycle has been turned into a semi truck. 🙁 I suppose I intellectually knew it, but it’s the difference between driving a volkswagon...
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Lake Erie

The view at the 30 mile point

Right outside Centerburg. The geographic center of Ohio. Yes you people living in CenterVILLE should actually be living in a place called “Way Close To Dayton But Way Richer.”
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